Hypercomplex number systems

Computing Characteristics of One Class of Non-commutative Hypercomplex Number Systems of 4-dimension

   The class of non-commutative hypercomplex number systems (HNS) of 4-dimension constructed by using of non-commutative procedure of Grassman-Clifford doubling of 2-dimensional systems is investigated in the article. All HNS of this class are constructed, algorithms of performance of operations and methods of algebraic characteristics calculation in them, such as conjugation, normalization, a type of zero dividers are investigated. Formulas of exponential functions representation in these systems are displayed.

Applying Hypercomplex Number Systems to RSA algorithms


   It is proposed to use hypercomplex numbers as input data  to RSA algorithm.

Isomorphic higher dimensional hypercomplex number systems and their use to improve computational efficiency


   The results of research questions isomorphism hypercomplex number systems (HNS), the methods of its establishment, the generation of pairs of isomorphic HNS and their application for theoretical and practical purposes  mathematical modeling.

The research isomorphism hyper complex number systems with representations of exponential functions

   In the paper, the use of representations of exponential functions to the study of isomorphism hypercomplex number systems. It is shown that this approach significantly increases the efficiency of the computational process of solving systems of equations isomorphism.

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