Department 104. Department of the specialized tools of design


The main directions of research - theoretical foundations and the applications of computer methods for creating information-analytical systems, research and development of methods of protecting data in computer systems and networks.

   The main scientific problems that are solved in the department include:

  •  Research and development of theoretical principles and applied techniques of creation and information analysis, information retrieval systems, methods of information security in computer systems and networks.

  •  Research information network structures, the development and application of methodologies of analysis and synthesis.

  •  Research and development of numerical theory of hypercomplex systems from the standpoint of number theory, general algebra, function theory and differential equations. Development of analytical software tools to perform operations in hypercomplex number system.

  •  Research in the field of data mining, digital signal processing and cryptography.

   The department is headed by Dmitry V. Lande - Doctor of Sciences, Senior Research Fellow, winner of Yaroslav the Wise.